Sunday, December 04, 2005

CRM Is Changing Again?

In a recent article, written by the editor of the news wire CMC, it is suggested that todays CRM is in a changing flux. What CRM was a year ago is not what it is today, perhaps more so than other customer relation technologies. This may be true in part , but what I have found is that the changes are just repackaging of bad software. Customer relationship management just keeps getting worse. Many of the new and not so big players in CRM are adding new functionality and raising the level of competion everyday. What they aren't doing is sucking it up and addressing the issues that their software should be doing which is serving the businesses that use it and not in changing them.

Anyway take a look and give your opinion. Is the new generation of CRM really what it should be? For more information you can also go to CRM Reborn.
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