Thursday, December 08, 2005

Watch what you write?

This blog is a thank you to one of the many that frequent both "The Customer Development Center" and here at our "CDC" Blog. The persons name is, and I hope he doesn't mind, Glenn Cross. Glenn, who also has a blog dealing with the issues of small business, was so kind to write and remind me that I was getting a little sloppy (very sloppy) with my grammar and spelling. I owe him a big thanks and everyone else a very I'm sorry.

How we appear to our clients and potential customers is of great importance and should not be ignored. This is especially true with the way we write our blogs, e-mails, letters; and other correspondence. Even our websites at times are terrible. When I see a web site with poor grammar, lots of miss spellings etc I automatically write it off. My first assumption is that it was compiled by amateurs or perhaps even a rip off or a con artist. Now that isn't necessarily so or is it fair, but in the human mind that is exactly the thoughts that take place. If there was any hope of cedibility before someone saw the site it is certainly was gone afterwards. This is also true with all other business writing on and off line.

People will judge us by what and how we write. In business this is a must to think about. In our blogs and e-mails people will measure our professional status, as being un-educated, or worst of all they will associate with us an I don't care attitude that will reflect on our efforts, business, services; and our products. Talk about a negetive touchpoint. If we are careless in the way we write and express ourselves our customer or potential customers will deal with us harshly and then bye, bye business.

So PLEASE BE CAREFUL in your writing. Use spell check and even get a friend, or someone you trust to proof your copy before you publish it, or send it to a client. This also goes for contracts and other documents.

There is a terrific site available that you can use to help with grammar and writing. It is "The Guide To Grammar and Writing". (IT"S FREE) It is maintained by Dr Charles Darling of the Capital Community College, who has done an excellent job. People of all ages and nationalities will benefit from the information and tutorials that are provided. This wonderful site is free and is Sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation.

We may not be perfect in our efforts, but heaven help us for trying.

Thanks Glenn, I am deeply grateful. Please send me your blog link so that I can return a favor.

If anyone wants to comment or share their perspective please do so.

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