Monday, December 05, 2005

Blog and e-mail, What a Team

If you haven't started your blog, then you need to take the time to learn what it's all about and make blogging a part of the stack of tools that already lay at your feet. Such tools help to create quality customer interaction, a key element in providing good customer service. It can also be, at least for the moment, a marketing landslide and it has just started. Even though they seem to permeate the news these days, their use is still limited, but proving powerful. Use your blog(s) wisely or your current and potential customers will shut the door. Just like e-mail, the over use (junk mail syndrome) of this tool de-synthesizes your customer or potential customers to what your messages are.

The blog coupled with the use of e-mail becomes a powerful one two punch for sampling opinion and garnering customers or market segments positions on any number of topics and services. The two together can drive exploratory research for R&D initiatives, create opportunities for stronger customer support, and better customer experience management not to mention an additional door to approach your customers through. A blog provides a less formal appeal to those who may have slipped through your fingers through more conventional marketing. Blogs can be used singurlarly or in groups for different functions and formalized through the use of the e-mail a more polished and formal communication tool inorder to formalize projects, agreements, newsletters, special offers, etc.

Don't let time slip away and become an antique of opportunity lost, LEARN TO BLOG.

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