Sunday, December 18, 2005

Customer Experience Management Is for Small Businesses Too.

OK, it’s Time to blog. Small businesses often feel lost in the rampages of large corporate programs and industry clichés. I can understand why when most small and medium size businesses haven’t any permanent marketing staff and large sales departments to power them into the customers lap. Look guys, customer service and the newer version, customer experience management are the same rules for them as they are for you. Do you need to hire a marketing company? No, not really although if you have the bucks be my guest, however choose well. You can compete, heads up with any corporation if you know how to set the rules of the game, your game. The easiest place to start is in paying attention to your customers and the experience they have when dealing with your, store or company, product or services. And I mean on every level. Believe me, everything a customer hears, sees or reads gets laid into a mental data bank. It is these images or impressions over all their contact experiences with your business that will determine whether or not they buy, comeback and buy again, or just brush you off and go some where else. I’ll be writing quite a bit on small businesses and the customer experience so stayed tune.

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