Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Back

For so many reasons, for none of which I'm really sure of, I have not been actively posting and for that I really do apoligize. But no matter the cause for my absense, I am back, and with a new mission and a re-energized passion for the love of creating great successes in the world and lives of owners, managers and employees of today's businesses. Most of all, for those who want to take their businesses beyound the limited realms of conventional bisness wisdom(?), and who have realised that it is the customer that holds the keys to their success.

The vigor and sustaining life of a business is found in the un-measureable facets of goodwill, smiles, and the unseen passions of those who care more about the people they serve than in the selling of a product or service. And it is to this cause and purpose that I will again write and share the knowledge that I have gained in this area. So Bon appetite, please feel free to endulge in the deluctable servings of the what is the great must for developing a great and successfull business, true customer care.

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