Thursday, December 22, 2005

Customer Development Stagnant?

Large businesses pay marketing firms billions of dollars every year to promote and brand their identity and products. They flood us with an inundating amount of information. They are merciless in their attempts to invade every aspect of our lives. Now the question surfaces, "Are they effective?" You might want to read the story
"The Purple Cow" posted at Fast Company. I have a tendency to believe them. With all the money and hype the latest figures show a growing decline in the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Increasing customer dissatisfaction, increasing abandonment rates, coupled with decreasing customer loyalty are starting to turn heads.

Maybe to little to late for some. However this is a great opportunity for small companies and businesses to step up and take charge. The one area that customers are responding to is to the renewed effort in the development of "The Customer Experience". No, not the way that the marketing teams are trying to develop it. They are just doing the same thing with new names. Small and medium size businesses can respond to clients faster and in more personal ways. They can build lasting trust bridges through personal contact and develop one on one recognition. They can even be more effective in a regional context of branding their name and product/service were National and global players are loosing their grip. Small businesses can also focus quicker on developing niche markets and respond to small market changes.

Why? Because customers really do count. And small businesses because of their increased sensitivity to customers needs feel a huge gap by those who think money can buy everything. Maybe the marketing people should stand up and take notice. It's not only just about sales.

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