Monday, December 05, 2005

You Better Start Blogging Before IIt's to Late (opinion)

Who would have imagined that a few years ago, when the blog first lifted its ugly virtual head out of the Primordial soup, that it would become such a powerful tool in the dismantaling of markets. It permiates our privacy almost as pervasively as the cell phone and has become the open door for stating positions, feelings and our over the wall disbelief with the systems that run the crazy world we live in.

Now comes the next layer of unrequested residue as the marketing minds of large businesses try to trample the heards of small businesses, all rushing to capitalise on the next bastion of customer will and buying power. Can they suceed? Well maybe, depending when the burnout comes and those who have opened their souls to the wills of the net via the blogg become desyntheisized to its commercialized candor.

Now, I work hard at helping businesses to succeed. The one thing I have learned is that to sell, we need customers. We need them to listen, we need them to talk, to let us know what's going on, and for them to let us know how we can help them. Therein lies the beauty of the blog. If they write we should be listening. We need to learn how to use the blog as an informal sounding board to provide an alternative feedback channel. It'can also become a great contact tool and will only remain that way if we (business) back off and respect the customers space. Use it as a tool to talk, share, and help. If we have a service, solution or product that can make the difference then we can share it by using our e-mail channel as the formal presenter. But now that big business and small opportunity (gold diggers) players are in the game its a matter of time before the doors shut on a great tool.

If you haven't started your blog yet you need to learn what it's all about and make it a part of the stack of tools that are available to serve your customer base. It can be at least for the moment a marketing landslide and it has just started. Use it wisely or your current and potential customers will shut the door.

Take the time to respond with your opinions. After all, they do count.

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