Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Its the little things that make the Custiomer Experience

After all it’s the little things that count. It has been my experience that when dealing with customers it always boils down to making them feel good. Buying is an emotional experience and if you want them to comeback for more than once or twice you need to lead your customer down the path with an experience that leaves them feeling good about the decision they made and that they gained an added value proposition. That can be in the form of open access customer service, the thank you note etc.

It is in creating that unique customer experience that makes the difference between selling and really providing a service. Selling is product centered and yes it brings in the dollars, but does it create customer life cycles that brings in continued business and customer lifetime value. Creating the customer centered Customer Experience is what adds value to the customer. If you place the customer first your cashflow will increase, your customer retention will increase significantly and recovering the cost of acquiring your customer will significantly be recovered quicker

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