Thursday, December 08, 2005

Touchpoints - emotional tags

I read a lot of material, both on and off the net, and as I do I get to see what others are doing in the way they mange their customers and that management helps or hurts their business. I was reading an article recently at "PC world dot com" that reminded me of this principal. The article 30 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On The Internet demonstrates the use of applying positive emotional tags to provide the potential customer with reason to trust and then to buy. Touchpoints are the contacts our customers have with us, both direct and indirect(non-initiated), along the customer life cycle. Every time a contact is made via the Touchpoint mechanism people create positive or negative emotional tags that are associated with your product, service, or your company.

PC World uses appropriate and useful information to create positive emotional tags. What kind of tags have you provided for your customers or clients that will move them closer to a purchase and long time loyalty? This process will make or break your business. Not only is this a great sales tool, but it is an important part of market dominant "Customer Experience Management".

For a more thorough discussion of "Touchpoint Management" or "Customer Experience Management" you mite want to follow this link. .The Customer Development Center

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