Sunday, December 11, 2005

Create a Great Customer Experience

"T's the season to be jolly - Fa la la la la la". The lines to the Christmas standard "Deck The Halls" have measurable lessons in the way we should promote customer experiences and great customer service. In an article published in the Customer Evangelist Blog there is a good example of how a small business decided to promote and reward its valued customers at the same time it empowered their employees. It would be wise to remember that anytime that you give the employees the ability to affect good outcomes with your customers by creating creative and positive customer experiences you endow your employees with the power to add value to your business and create added customer loyalty.

Actually larger businesses dealing with key accounts and their management of those accounts could learn from this. The translation from small biz to large biz is very easy for the bright and not so bright. It has been my experience that business strategies that are successful scale very easily and are applied nicely regardless of the business type or size. This especially applies to customer service, customer loyalty, branding; and customer experience management.

Please remember that the spirit of the season requires extra effort and tolerance in order to be translated into customer value. Customer value translates into money in the bank. Now, why can't we do this year round.

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