Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Days Just Dont Add Up

In the grand scheme of things sometimes what we do seems quite insignificant. Maybe its because we felt that we were in the drivers seat and the world was ours or perhaps we just get to much of ourselves being the all important manager or the owner of a flourishing business. It really doesn't matter how, but it does matter that when we do we dont lose site of the the fact that no mater how important we feel we are that5 we still realise that the customer is still more important. We need to realize that when we do put our selves on such a pedestal our resulting behavior destroys the very business that we are trying to build.

Yea, this is about customer service. When we fail to see the importance of the customer, we simply forget to put them first. It seems that we forget to care about why they are buying our products or services in the first place, we forget to see the things that we and our business does in their terms, we forget alot of things including how to be kind to our customers. In fact we really forget much more.

So before you think that your so hot remember that without the customer you ain’t got nothin at all. By the way this also includes your employees.

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Glenn said...

"Business never was and never will be anything more or less than people serving other people. People who sell serve those who buy, and vice versa."

Adrian Miller said...

In this era of mass competition and when all of our customers are "shoppers" courtesy of the Intenet, the main differentiator (especially in commodity types of products/services) is customer service. That's where small business can truly rock 'n roll and win back customers that have gone over to the dark side (aka low priced, big box suppliers).

joshua said...

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