Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Its all in the way They see it

Fist I want to thank all those who patiently returned time after time even without consistent material being here to read. I had been quite ill and this blog was somewhat out of reach. So Thank you and I'm back.

As business owners and managers we get so caught up in what we do every day that we forget one simple and very basic principle. It's not how we see the business or how the marketers claim they not the needs of the focus market or how much the sales people think they own the customer. It is in reality how the customer sees us.

Ever have a conversation with someone and no matter what we say they think they no what we will say next or they are off in some mind zone not even connected to what we are saying. Well in a recent poll the findings show that a very large segment of customers in B2B and the B2C retail markets think that is how they are treated by small and large businesses.

Maybe we should not look at how much we build the team, but in how good our listening skills are.

As always we invite your comments.


Glenn said...

Glad you're back in the saddle again, Tim. You raise an excellent point about listening. Hmmm. Maybe I'll turn that into a post.



Anonymous said...

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Eric said...

That’s true that it is very important how customers see us but it some business until you show how good you are, you can not earn to costumers, for example: electronic business but when you are in any business and earn trust of customers because of good service, they will happy to recommend your name to other. We are in customer care business and got many customers because of existing customers if any one recommendyou then new customer do not think too much to switch over to you.