Saturday, September 02, 2006

Customer Service Policy - Part 3

In the exploration of policy development and the formation of formal policies it is also important to keep in mind the ease in which these policies can be instituted by the manger and the lower staff that comes into direct contact with the customer.

There are many policies instituted by businesses that are virtually rendered useless based on their relevance to the customer and there relevance to how they can be supported or implemented by the staff that has direct responsibility for the customer.

Relevance of the policies that you will use or implement must be considered in all circumstances as these will have a direct effect on customer response to the policies. Such responses can have either a direct positive outcome on resulting customer perceptions of the business and the purchasing of current or future purchases, or they may have a devastating negative effect resulting in dissatisfaction with the company or disengagement with the on going or future buying processes.

Policy choice also has a direct impact on the development of customer relationships and the on going development of long term customer life cycles.

In any case relevancy of any policy and the ease in which it can be implemented must be primary in the policy development and the formation of any policy rgarding customer service.

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