Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Split decision - A Customer Experience

If you went into a Coffee house such as Starbucks and saw a customer you had just met an hour before, what would you do?

This an interesting question and it ask us to measure the impact of something that is normally outside the normal customer impact area. Everyday we are seen and measured people who see us without us seeing them and some of these observations carry very negative impacts in the context of business. How do we manage them or do we even care.

If you run a true customer centered organization the management of such incidental contact would be of prime concern. If I were in the above situation I would walk up to my customer and ask if I could buy him the coffee and then sit down and pick his brain. I wouldn't concern myself with sales, but I would focus on what were his concerns, likes and dislikes and whatever else would let me build a stronger relationship and insight into his needs in relationship to the position he holds and his companies needs. Something to think about.

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