Monday, April 17, 2006

Foolproof Customer Service Strategies

(that only a fool would try!)

I came across this article today at"> The Happy Guyand I couldn't help but laugh and then empathize with the position and observations of the author. What we as business managers or owners see as customer service more times than not isn't close to what the customer sees and most likely not even close to the kind of service they want.

Think about it, if you are a small business owner when is the last time you talked to your clients other than to sell them something. Most likely it is no more than a “hello, how are you”. The idea of building customer relationships and getting to know the customer is, or at least it should be a primary activity if you are on going efforts to sustain long term development and business growth. Learning to understand the customer in their terms requires multiple non sales contacts that are centered on client profile development. Yes, the sales and acquisition cycle is important, but if there is nothing there to build or sustain long time customer value or loyalty they will be out the door and soon will be someone else client.

In this somewhat humorous article the realization that not all businesses are equal or even smart comes storming home. Take a read and ask yourself what kind of customer service you provide. In my terms I'll restate this as to what kind of customer experience do you provide because creating customer experiences of value have a different implication than just customer service and certainly from the customer perspective much more compelling. If you need to take a refresher on just what is the The Customer Experience,just follow the link. Have fun and get ready to either laugh or cry.To read the article follow the link at the top of the page.

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