Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Customer Expectations

There is much to be said about what your customer’s expectations are and what are the customer’s expectations as defined by a given business? Meikah at Customer Service, Global Watch has started to take a few swings at this. It’s worth the reading.

However, what she has signaled out is that the customer expectation from a business perspective is defined by good marketing. Is this wrong? Actually its ok as long as you are careful to meld what the customers really expect from a business or product with the business defined perceptions. In the list cited by Meikah the focus is on creating emotional triggers that move the customer to making a purchase.

This is good right? Yes and no, in most all cases. It appeals to the emotional instincts of the buyer but doesn't really address expectations and often, more than not, leaves the customer empty. Think about it, how many times have u gone into a store or restaurant and felt let down by the expected experience, or bought a product and were left holding less than what your expectations were. And this applies to B2B businesses and products or services as well.

Perhaps defining expectations should be done differently.

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Vcare Call Centers said...

The expectation is something which is not control by any one, as you need all your services get fix as you think about it rather to call someone to fix one or more than one time same as business owner thinks that money/customer start dropping like rain.
Isn’t it funny to think about it?

Johnson said...

Customers do make a businesses’ world go round. Part of the service centric approach, going beyond a customer’s wildest expectations is the trick to retention, loyalty and long term relationships which translate into lifetime success.