Monday, May 29, 2006

What's happened to our email

It doesn't take a madman to notice that the email industry is in shambles from all the trash that's floating around on the net these days. The effectiveness of email and newsletter campaigns is diminishing as people are starting to tire of the job of filtering through all the junk mail just to get what they want to read. Even with a double opt in email or newsletter many of the newsletters and emails are ignored and many are caught in the spam filters set up by corporations, ISPs or the system operator themselves, what to do?

It certainly doesn't help the customer's experience with your company when your percieved as part of the problem. In fact many customers quit many of their lists because instead of quality emails or newsletters that they signed up for they get an onslaught of up selling and needless marketing from the people they trusted. As a thought market sparingly, but effectively. Customer love real communication and information. They will tollerate some direct marketing, but will turn off to you and your company when faced with to much of it.

Talk about a bummer experience. The idea behind the customer experience methodology is to create contact points in which the customers trust is enhanced and the relationship they have with your company is a positive relationship they can count on for a number of issues, the least being privacy. Building an over all best customer experience is what it is all about.

There are a number of ways actually that you can reach your client and eliminate a number of issues that are all on the negative side of receiving email including opt in list you can't always opt out of. That is the use of a Desktop Marketer. This solution gives your client full control of what comes across their desk from you and by empowering your client with final say they turn around and give you the trust and buy in you need to be effective.

What is a Desktop Marketer? It is a software solution that allows your email and newsletters to go strait to your client's/customer's desktop. Talk about revolutionizing the effectiveness of email. Yep, you can send it strait to them by passing filters, spam traps, black holes and other such nightmares. The customer has complete control over what they read and you can market directly to the customer or market niche unlike with RSS feed solutions.

What really makes this software so hot is that the client sees it as soon as it arrives. It is separate from the normal email bag and is not mistaken for the garbage or unwanted solicitations that so often get in the way. Have an important message to get them, no problem send it and they see a notification icon on their screen immediately. Talk about a command performance.

the Desk Top Marketer creates such a powerful customer experience that it sends your customer/client's trust right through the roof, the same with newsletters and other email communication. This is such a powerful tool. I can't count the number of emails sent and not received. If you’re running an online business communication has to be a number one priority.

There is no special technology to learn or prep for as there are with other solutions like RSS feeds. The customer experience is so positive that the effectiveness of the email and newsletter campaigns run by those using this software went right out of sight, often with 100% response rate. Such responses mean higher conversion ratios and much better effectiveness ratings on communication. Check it out, if you don't try it your crazy. Especially new businesses that are coming online really need to use a .Desktop Marketer to enhance and strengthen their growth. As you build your email list you need to have a way to push your response rates and this is the best way out there. Enjoy your success with the Desktop Marketer

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