Friday, February 03, 2006

Blog Power to The Consumer - Customer Service

Earlier today as I was visiting the Church of the Customer Blog web site my attention was called to a posting concerning a blog posted by Zane Safrit from Conference Calls Unlimited concerning a lapse in T-Mobile 4 day turn around service.

As business owners, managers and advisers we need to understand the implications of lapses in our customer service grid. The power of the blog is enormous and has the ability to humble even the largest companies. Dell lost 14% market share to a pair of bloggers who received less than honorable service. Talk about a customer experience nightmare.

In recent news a very popular international model was taken down for drug use. She lost huge contracts putting a serious bite in her bank. The companies one of which was a Swedish clothing designer learned about social responsibility and blog power.

What amazes me is why more consumers aren't organizing to taking down the large and small for abusive practices, false branding, irresponsible marketing, lousy merchandise/product design and just good old fashion BAD service. What confounds me even more is the lack of serious customer service policies and their enforcement by management.

Look out business America the time will come when the consumer will unleash their blogging power and organize boycotts and protest with global proportions. Take notice and respect the power of the customer in dictating the worth of your company. Lie to them, mistreat them, cheat them, and ignore them at your peril. But remember they will always have the last word.

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